BEN PARK - Survive and Thrive During the Coronavirus

BEN PARK - Survive and Thrive During the Coronavirus

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As I am sure you’re aware the disruption of COVID-19 is running rife through small businesses. We want to provide you with all the necessary information on how to get through these times.

Get the expert support and information you need to know all online, tailored to you.

All consultations will take place via Zoom call. Upon purchasing you will receive a bespoke link with your appointment time and information.

BWP is committed to helping small companies and brands become proper businesses and accordingly we have put together a ‘CORONA VIRUS PACKAGE’ which will advise you and your brand on how to navigate the virus and how to continue to drive sales and growth during these troubling coming months. We will be creating a tailored video-call 1hr 30 min consultancy for each brand, on how specifically you can navigate the virus over the next 6-18 months. To be quite frank, there has never been a more crucial time to have a professional opinion on how to secure your business so if you do not use us, please do seek legitimate and personalised advice elsewhere! At BWP we have committed to providing the best value advice available for fashion brands so if you think you would have friends of colleagues who also could benefit from this massively discounted service please do not hesitate to give them our details or forward this email to them and we will try to do our best to help!

This consultancy could include, but is not limited too, : 
- how to navigate social media and continue to drive sales during this time 
- how to manage product and your suppliers 
- how to deal with returns 
- how to continue to engage your specific demographic 
- what specific improvements or changes can you make whilst you have this ‘down time’ that will improve your business in the long term
- how to work with your employees
- financial concerns 
- the viability of pop-ups at this time 
- how to reach out of stockists and buyers (since many of them did not attend fashion month) 
- how to stay motivated in your work during these hard times 
- general proofreading or copywriting
- and much more

Before the consultations, we will engage in a thorough email process so we can fully gage your needs and how best to advise on them, then you will be emailed a presentation and we will carry out the consultation procedure as normal, but simply over video-call instead. 

Here is some general advice: 
- Wipe down and clean all your products, make sure the consumer knows you are doing this.
- Seize the inevitable boredom that will be pushing people towards YouTube, podcasts, social media etc and use this time to do something fun whilst promoting your products.
- Give a percentage of your sales to a charity helping fight the pandemic and publicise this.
- Take this down time as a chance to go through your website, go through your socials etc and tidy them up and make a strategy.
- Engage in virtual meetings and make sure everyone in your team is equipped to do so. 

Canadian futurist Doug Steven put it best, advising businesses to “use this time to reinvent how you do what you do, bring consumers new alternatives, new value, and in the process even reinvent your own brand. Don’t let innovation stop, because this could be the window of opportunity”.

The government has warned that many small businesses may not survive the impact of COVID-19 but BWP is committed to minimising its effects and helping brands thrive!

Here is a government link clarifying the proceedings from a business perspective: 

About Ben Park

Founded in 2017 by Benjamin Park, BWP Brand Consultancy functions at the forefront of fashion brand development, helping small brands scale up. Benjamin’s experience as a fashion journalist, having written for numerous prestigious publications, in addition to his work at Prada and several other fashion houses, has given him the industry insider tactics and contacts to help smaller brands flourish. By analysing your brand in close collaboration with yourself, we create a personal and immersive experience which allows you to keep the integrity of your brand while we help it to grow and size-up. To date, we have grown 12 brands into international companies, with 9 being stocked by world-renowned department stores and retailers such as Harrods, Dover Street Market and Matches Fashion. The other 3 brands now have developed a customer base to the extent that they operate solely.

Women's Clothing Size Conversion Chart

XXS-XS 6 0 34 38
S 8 2 36 40
M 10 4 38 42
L 12 8 40 44
XL 14 10 42 46
XL-XXL 16 12 44 48


Men's Clothing Size Conversion Chart - Tops, Jackets, Knitwear + Shirts

XXS 32 - 34 81 - 86cm
XS 34 - 36 86 - 91cm
S 36 - 38 91 - 96cm
M 38 - 40 96 - 101cm
L 40 - 42 101 - 106cm
XL 42 - 44 106 - 111cm


Men's Clothing Size Conversion Chart - Trousers, Jeans + Shorts

28″ 71cm
30 76cm
32 81cm
34 86cm
36 91cm
38 96cm

Women's Shoe Size Chart

3 6 36 37
3.5 6.5 36.5 37.5
4 7 37 38
4.5 7.5 37.5 38.5
5 8 38 39
5.5 8.5 38.5 39.5
6 9 39 40
6.5 9.5 39.5 40.5
7 10 40 41
7.5 10.5 40.5 41.5
8 11 41 42
8.5 11.5 41.5 42.5


Men's Shoe Size Chart

6 7 40
6.5 7.5 40.5
7 8 41
7.5 8.5 41.5
8 9 42
8.5 9.5 42.5
9 10 43
9.5 10.5 43.5
10 11 44
10.5 11.5 44.5
11 12 45
11.5 12.5 45.5


Click here for further size guide information and specific brand guides.

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