Zola Amour

Slow down. Stay stylish. Be sustainable.

Zola Armour Womenswear translates to Earth Love Womenswear. The capsule wardrobe collection of timelessly stylish staples has been carefully created for the everyday modern woman and designed to be worn in various combinations throughout the whole year. Zola Amour ticks all the boxes and everything they produce is environmentally friendly. The garments are made out of certified organic, natural materials that are biodegradable and ethically handmade in the UK. Every step in the supply chain is ethical and sustainable. She aims to give people the option to buy responsibly and buy things that will last. Zola Amour believes that it’s essential that we carefully consider our clothing without compromise. 

Founder - Emily Evans

Emily Evans started her career working as a footwear designer. She spent four years travelling the globe to factories. During this time she regularly  frequented Hong Kong where she was shocked and appalled by the pollution. This encouraged her to shop more responsibly but was disappointed when she failed to find a basic bamboo fabric t-shirt. Emily then dedicated her energy to making sustainable staples available to all. Emily now successfully designs and runs slow, stylish, sustainable fashion label, Zola Amour.



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