Resetting the balance by enjoying the things we love in the most responsible manner possible. 

 We are mindful about how many long-haul flights we take. We reduce our wardrobe turnover to a reasonable level. We always choose the option that is best for the environment and for other people. Which is precisely why we created VILDNIS: to give you a choice too! Now you (and we) can continue to shop with a clear conscience.

Ulla Vitting Richards, VILDNIS at Lone Design ClubUlla Vitting Richards - Founder

VILDNIS has strong Scandinavian roots. Danish born founder Ulla Vitting Richards grew up just outside one of the largest cities in Denmark, surrounded by fields, forests and the crashing waves of the sea. As well as proudly bearing the title of ‘happiest country in the world’, Denmark is a frontrunner in sustainability. Freedom, fairness, honesty, responsibility and protection of the environment are part of the national DNA. Ulla's passion for fashion combined with insatiable wanderlust landed her in the fast-moving, forward-thinking fashion hub of London. Through her 16 years in the fashion industry – including as Head of Product for Britain’s leading high-end activewear brand  – Ulla has witnessed the numerous strengths of the industry, as well as many of the tired and devastating practices it has cultivated around the world. These experiences inspired her to be part of the change she wants to see.

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