STELAR references the past whilst embracing the future

Stelar offers hand-woven and handcrafted leather goods that are made by artisans in Bali. With history and meaning behind each piece, STELAR is re-interpreting age-old techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation whilst supporting livelihoods within the communities that rely upon them.

Every one of their handmade leather goods is accompanied by its own unique code. Via the ‘meet your artisan’ link on their website, this code enables you to discover the origins of your bag, meet the artisan who created it, and in turn, support the communities we are working with.


Founder - Lorna Watson

Founded by designer and creative director Lorna Watson, who has worked in the luxury goods industry for the past 25 years, STELAR is the realisation of a vision that Lorna has held for a number of years.




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