RiLEY Studio

Created From Waste

With sustainability at the core of everything RiLEY Studio does, their products are designed for life, not just a season. With the aim of tackling the critical issues of overproduction and overconsumption, RiLEY Studio is experimenting with eco-innovation to create products that are durable, versatile as well as seasonless.

With a strong belief in equality, RiLEY Studio doesn’t design with gender in mind – they design for humankind as a whole, encouraging their customers to wear anything they want. Alongside its gender-neutral and sustainable standpoints, RiLEY Studio also ensures a philanthropic approach to business with a partnership with Human Rights Watch, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organisation that exposes human rights injustices around the world and prides itself on its impartial reporting. By working closely together with Human Rights Watch, RiLEY Studio is also committed to helping raise awareness about the Global Goals.

Riley Uggla of RiLEY Studio at Lone Design ClubThe Founder - Riley Uggla

Philanthropy however, has always been at the heart of everything Riley believes in. From a young age, her family encouraged her to get involved with charitable projects. At just 15, Riley orchestrated her first design project by photographing her mother’s charitable work at a school in Zambia and then creating four different styles of t-shirt from her ‘studio’ in her parent’s loft. All profits made from this collection were donated back to the school. Following her success, she designed 'four unisex t-shirts and did the same thing. It was the start of the thought process.’ Uggla is known for giving donations to charities to do with welfare, human rights, environmental issues and more. In the brands first season, Made by Riley teamed up with Human Rights Watch, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Action Aid, Zamcog, NSPCC and Maggie’s. Since then, it’s honoured to be working with cancer charity, Trekstock, and conservation charity, Space for Giants. 

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