London inspired attire for those who don’t do shiny

Phannatiq is a cross-genre clothing brand. They have been throwing a sideways look at sartorial provisions for the world’s pavement populations since 2010. Their ‘clothes for people’ attitude to dressing challenges traditional gender and sizing indications, and their clothes reflect a core commitment to responsible employment and sustainable manufacture. They have recently launched an online traceability and transparency project called 'This is how we do it!' that makes it easy for their customers to see every step of making clothes, from raw fibre to finished garment.

They are renowned for their monochrome urban disruption patterns, applied through traditional screen-printing techniques, which are inspired by London’s domestic and industrial landscapes.


Founder - Anna Skodbo

Anna Skodbo is the creative driving force behind cross-genre clothing brand phannatiq, part time harpist, and occasional surfer. Steiner school Educated in Edinburgh, she developed a curiosity and respect for social and stylistic individualism that is prominent in all her activities. Returning to the UK from Oslo in 2007 to study Fashion BA (hons) she sought out practical roles facilitating London Fashion Week while honing her business and creative skills that would soon lead to establishing her own brand. Anna holds a deep respect for natural and human resources, and places this commitment at the centre of her brand phannatiq by maintaining supply chains of high sustainability and ethical credibility.




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