Pala Eyewear

“Let’s not talk sustainability, let DO it”

Pala eyewear recognises that a pair of spectacles is an invaluable economic tool providing empowerment for the wearer. They enable reading, learning and access to better education. Pala provides grants to bring proper eye care to the 640 million people unable to access it. Their projects include building a new Vision Centre;or dispensary, purchasing equipment or supporting an outreach programme – all sustainable, long term solutions that facilitate eyecare, eye-tests and provision of spectacles.

 Pala uses recycled plastic waste to make their unique cases. Each is uniquely handmade by a traditional weaver from one of three rural communities in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana. 


Founder - John Pritchard

John is passionate about making a difference, making sure that every person who buys Pala's sunglasses knows that they've made a positive impact on someone else's life.  For every pair sold, Pala give a pair of prescription glasses to a person in Africa.

He has worked in advertising for the last twenty years beginning his career in print at News International. Having gravitated towards digital as that platform began to emerge, he spent 10 years at Microsoft in their Creative Advertising Solutions team.

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