Combining rawness with elegance, Opuline’s timeless creations embrace the true essence of an Empress.

 Handmade pieces that radiate the beauty of the East and its rich heritage, carrying inspiration from the regal archways and vibrant colours of citrus fruits and aromatic spices. Opuline uses uncut polki, natural handpicked stones and embraces traditional embossing and enamel techniques. Historically, each stone is known and worn for its unique and individual healing qualities.  

Natasha, Opuline at Lone Design ClubNatasha Khushi- Founder

Natasha has always been passionate about Art and Design. Her Eastern heritage has imbued her with a deep knowledge of, and appreciation for, gemstones and the art of jewellery making, experimenting with jewellery processes and making her own jewellery from a very young age. Natasha studied at Design School and went on to work several years in the London fashion industry before launching Opuline.



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