LUXTRA signifies luxury transformed: a modern approach to crafting luxury goods. Founder Jessica believes in embellishing daily life with beautiful objects that become even more beautiful when crafted with respect for our extraordinary planet.

 As a brand, company and employer, Luxtra is dedicated to its mission to make fashion more sustainable. The saddle leather used is a luxurious yet very hard wearing material. Made by an esteemed Italian tannery based in Tuscany, the leather is made exclusively with all-natural and non-toxic plant-based dyes. The leather is responsibly sourced as it is a by-product from the food industry, meaning they create a beautiful new product from material that would otherwise go to waste.  

They work exclusively with Italian suppliers whom we have selected based on their craftsmanship and dedication to environmental values. The leather tanning industry can be water intensive, however we have been impressed by our tannery's commitment to constantly improving its processes to be environmentally sensitive and also by the fact that it recycles and purifies its water through state of the art filtration.
Luxtra is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an environmental foundation created by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. As a member, Luxtra happily pledges to donate 1% of its total sales to an environmental cause. That commitment stands, whether we make a profit or not. 

Jessica Kruger, LUXTRA at Lone Design ClubFounder- Jessica Kruger

“I created LUXTRA because I wanted to buy beautiful, design-lead handbags from a brand with deep values. A brand I could trust. Many women I have spoken to similarly want the quality and style of a leather bag, but also want to feel confident that it been made with as little environmental and social impact as possible. I have personally gone to great lengths to make sure everything from our sourcing to our packaging - and everything in between - champions our sustainable luxury values."   

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