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LDC Accelerator: How to Approach Retail Buyers and Pitch Your Products

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Date: 20th January 2021

Time: 4pm-5pm BST

Location: Online

This event is free to attend.


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Join retail expert Nicole Higgins as she explains how to approach retail buyers and pitch your products in the new year.

It's the start of a new year so make sure you're on track to make it a good one!

Retail and buying have changed in the past couple of years and so it is important to understand how to get it right in a post covid environment.

Both retail & buying are fundamental to brand recognition and growth which is why we are offering a webinar that covers just that.

Retail expert Nicole Higgins will deliver a session on how to approach retail buyers and pitch your products, some of the topics covered will be,

  • How to chose the right retailers for your brand/products
  • Where to find the right contacts
  • How to prepare for your meetings with buyers.
  • What you need to make sure you cover in your meeting before, during and after.
  • What terminology you should know.
  • Why a buyer would be interested in your products.
  • Deciding if wholesale is right for you.
  • Payments and logistics

About Nicole Higgins

The buyer and Retail Coach is a retail expert with over 18 years experience working in the fashion industry as buyer and head of buying for companies such as Primark & Marks and Spencers and George at Asda developing varied products from Lingerie, Health & Beauty and many others in between.

She now brings that expertise to entrepreneurs and varied corporate businesses and helps them make their product ideas a reality and works with them to increase sales & profits.

Nicole Higgins


The LDC Accelerator is a platform that connects designers and experts providing tools and information to help independent brands scale and grow successful businesses.

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