Fabric for Freedom

‘Fashion That’s Fair’ 

‘Fashion That’s Fair,’ was the brands first collection, celebrates creatively inspired fashion, beauty and femininity. They celebrate those with an independent spirit, experimenting with new concepts to create bold shapes with a sense of wear-ability from a collage of fabrics and silhouettes. Being constantly surrounded by creativity in the bustling city of London, Fabric For Freedom has incorporated travel, fashion, lifestyle and art to capture the hope within this ever-complicated fashion industry.
Most of their fabrics consist of organic and recycled materials, including ends of rolls. Products are all ethically produced in the U.K, where they guarantee fair wages and good working conditions. The brand aspires to a business model which aims to change the face of fashion by addressing exploitation within the fashion industry and by inspiring solutions to the current environmental crisis.
Built on a foundation of integrity: truth, transparency, justice. Nothing is wasted. Together,  creating something innovative, memorable and lasting, something they can leave for other generations.


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