Bourgeois Boheme

“We believe that a good vegan shoe should be about more than just excluding animal materials.” 

Bourgeois Boheme is an independent London-based footwear brand for men and women making state of the art luxury shoes completely free from animal-derived materials. The British-inspired, brand-exclusive styles are all artisan-made in Portugal from the finest eco-friendly Italian vegan leathers. With great attention to detail, BB champions slow fashion and redefines the perception of leather-free footwear.

Founder  - Alicia Lai

Since Alicia founded BB in 2005, Bourgeois Boheme has grown into so much more than just another shoe brand. Ex-podiatrist and long-time vegan, Alicia intertwined her foot care expertise with her love for shoes to create the animal-free classic styles she was struggling to find. Originally an online marketplace for vegan fashion accessories, Alicia later created her own branded footwear, and BB as we know it today was born. From that day, Alicia vowed to maintain an independent business true to her founding quest to create perfect vegan shoes without compromise of quality, finish, or design. All BB shoes are Vegan Society trademarked and PETA approved.

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