Azura Designs

Handmade, Ethical, with a focus on bringing one-of-a-kind fashion wear, accessories and home décor using hand-woven fabrics originating from Central Asia.  

Newly founded in early 2017, Azüra Designs blends traditional fabrics with modern styles aiming to give each customer a new wearing experience. Each style is handmade, ethically sourced from central Asia and has a unique story of its own. The character of each fabric is reflected with its unique patterns and bold, vibrant colours which bring out a very individual style for those looking to stand out.  

HANDMADE All fabrics are 100% hand-woven using an indigenous technique called IKAT. It is a remarkable and complex dying technique that has been passed down through generations, which involves bundles of yarns to be dyed together before weaving them. Each of the fabrics are carefully made by skilled hand-loomers in Uzbekistan, some of which take many days to complete the intricate design.

ETHICAL They work closely with Kyrgyz and Uzbek artisans who are extremely talented and passionate about their work and in return pay them a fair, living wage. Working with these local craftsmen gives opportunities to support them and their families. Most of these women are mothers and grandmothers looking for work to support their families, and their newly set-up workshop provides these women with the training and a source of income.


Nasim  - Founder

Fashion has always been her first love and the best way she found to express herself with confidence. Having lived in different parts of Asia most of her life, she was fortunate in being exposed to different cultures and fashion from around the world. Whilst on a trip to Uzbekistan she came across the most beautiful hand woven material known as IKAT. Having seen from start to finish how it is crafted and the unique patterns and colours produced, she was in complete awe. This experience together with her degree in interior design gave light to the idea to start something exciting, ethnic and unique. 


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