Artisan and Fox

Is on a journey to discover extraordinary artisans across the developing world.

Artisan & Fox is a unique jewellery brand that aims to serve those who seek meaning in what they buy. They work with craftsman who do not have access to the global market due to living in developing countries and rural surroundings. Artisan & Fox seeks out local artisans who have continue crafts that have stories and history. They create  individualized artisan profiles for each of the maker on their site, so you too, can be inspired by their stories. After costs, our artisan partners receive 50% of the profits from your purchase. Artisan & Fox then reinvests the rest into their social programs. 

Jaron Soh - Co-Founder

Jaron, Sy & Laura are three entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating an ethical online marketplace, bridging the gap between local artisans and the global consumer. They received funding for Artisan & Fox in 2017 by raising money through Indiegogo, and have continued to bring true craftsmanship to the consumer while brining a steady economy to developing rural villages.



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