From the timeless silk shirt to perfect hero dress

AEIBE elevates classic style to contemporary must have. The label’s playful collections are created by the finest craftsmen in London for the most flattering silhouettes. AEIBE’s collections are ultra limited edition. The company make as much as they can with care, so they are always able to deliver the finest quality. Responsible manufacturing minimises fashion waste and guarantees exclusivity. They want you to wear AEIBE with confidence. AEIBE creates with local suppliers and craftsmen. This supports extremely skilled hands in the UK and also reduces impact on our environment. From buttons to stitches, the label’s collections are made in England

Tim Biddulph, Aeibe at Lone Design ClubAra Youn, Aeibe at Lone Design ClubFounders - Tim Biddulph and Ara Youn

Founded by the British-Korean duo Tim Biddulph and Ara Youn, the brand aims to inspire women across the world. With confident style and bold colours, Aeibe collections empower women in the modern world. The founders put great effort into understanding modern women’s life - what she likes, what she reads, what she eats and what she thinks, so they understand her better and can create what she wears.   

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