Yala Jewellery

Yala is an African jewellery brand designed for the modern woman.

Yala creates ethical jewellery that is made to last, with collaborators who are paid fairly and materials that are eco-friendly. Their small batch collections create as little environmental impact as possible.

Yala is the vision of Audrey Migot-Adholla, Founder + CEO. Born in Kenya and based in Bristol, UK with her husband, Audrey splits her time between the two countries. The brand is named after the town in Kenya where her grandmother lives. Her goal is to challenge the common misconceptions about Africa and its people through beautiful design, entrepreneurship and creative talent. Today, Audrey works directly with over 150 artisans in Kenya, ensuring they receive fair wages, safe and healthy work environments, and real recognition for their talent. She is passionate about ensuring true transparency across the production process, and a genuine connection between the people who created Yala jewellery and our customers.

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