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All Sami bags are made from reclaimed textiles, creating more love and fewer landfills.

Sami bags are designed in London, and handwoven in Manila, Philippines. They partner with an initiative in Manila that empowers artisans by providing them with a fair wage, a safe working environment, and access to workshops to aid both their personal and professional independence. Workshops include teaching artisans how to set up their own bank accounts and giving them business tools in order to create a sustainable income for themselves and their families. They use excess textiles from fashion houses in the Philippines and weave them into beautiful clutch handbags, creating positivity and both ends of the fashion supply chain.

Designer Sameena's, endearingly nicknamed Sami by friends and family, greatest inspiration is nature. The colour combinations of the handbags are striking and unexpected, drawn from flowers and landscapes. Her designs also embody energy through the constant motion of the tassels and fringes.The name of each collection is symbolic of her own experiences during the design process. The first collection, Hanan, was named after the Filipina Goddess of new beginnings, because launching her first collection was a new chapter for her. The second collection is called Holli, named after the Hindu festival of colour, which was the day they finalised their colour palate.
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