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Raw Copenhagen


Ethical and effortless chic jewellery design for three huggers in heels

RAW Copenhagen marries your desire for Scandi minimalist yet feminine design with your passion for slow and sustainable living.

All pieces are heavily inspired by nature, especially the light and texture of the Danish beaches that the designer Karina Johansen grew up by. The pieces are added a hint of a boho vibe and wanderlust from the designer’s extensive work and travel across the globe. She loves marrying aesthetics with ethics and primarily works with ECO-silver, vermeil and ethically sourced gemstones in their more RAW state.

Karina Johansen Raw Copenhagen


Karina Johansen is the founder and designer behind RAW Copenhagen. She is a self taught jeweller. After 15 years of working as an aid worker and human right diplomat she decided to marry her passion for jewellery making with that of social and environmental sustainability after moving to the UK. RAW Copenhagen launched it’s first collection in 2016. Karina hand makes all the designs herself and releases many small batches of limited edition and unica designs as well. Haven worked in a two piece suit for many years, she has always felt that jewellery is one of the best ways to express and treasure our femininity, personality and playfulness.


10% of the profit from all sales goes to sustainable development projects. The donations go to the indigenous silversmith communities in Thailand, from where Karina source the handmade beads and some of the charms she uses. The funds are used to sponsor scholarships, school dinners, water and sanitation projects.