Lyme Terrace

"Our vision? Clothing for the conscious consumer."

A London brand dedicated to producing ethical menswear. Our clothing is made in Britain. Organic, recycled, regenerated fabrics in transparent supply chains through open pricing.

The brand started as a couple of friends seeking to minimise the impact on the environment. The mainstream clothing industry was being exposed, but there was no clear alternative for guys. Lyme Terrace have sought to fill this gap; to make quality clothing that considers both the people and the planet. The designers are intrinsically linked to the future and the people who use and experience what they create. The designers feel obligated to shape it responsibly.

Lyme Terrace, Andrew Renton & Alex Brewster at Lone Design Club

Founders- Andrew Renton & Alex Brewster 

The founders both found lacking fulfilment in their jobs and began looking for a long term project that could make a real impact on the world. They wanted to start something more purposeful without having to change peoples’ buying habits at all. Clothing seemed like the obvious choice - people still buy clothing the same way, but in their eyes they could limit the negative impact of that decision. The pair are both advocates of transparency in pricing and their supply chain; making sure they personally visit every stage of production before it gets sent out. They encourage sustainable fashion and if everyone only buys organic ranges or buys from other organic/sustainable companies instead, then the bigger players will increase their organic offering to protect their bottom line. These personal consumer decisions will be what changes the industry.

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