Inka Botanicals

Artisans of Organic and Ethical skincare. Botanicals Made in the Atlas Mountains Morocco, based in London. 

INKA is an organic skincare brand inspired by ancestral Berber Botanicals. Ethically and sustainably made in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco and based in London.

INKA means clean and pure in Berber - Morocco’s indigenous language - and stands for a holistic approach to slow beauty. We believe in the ritual of taking care of your whole being, not just your skin. We’ve chosen skincare rituals as an enjoyable way to carve a little self-care time in your busy daily schedule. We’re strong advocates of feeling good from the inside out. Feeling good on the inside, naturally means looking good on the outside.

Our products are the culmination of years of research. We apply the virtues of botanicals and the science of aromatherapy to Morocco's best kept beauty secrets, resulting in an elevated and therapeutic skincare range. We do not use mixers so our products are pure, highly concentrated and therefore super effective. This also means all the ingredients used in our concoctions are active ingredients purposefully chosen for a therapeutic reason.
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