Birch Bag - LDC
Birch Bag - LDC
Birch Bag - LDC

Birch Bag

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Time: Vintage

Energy: Handmade

Nature: 100% Birch Bark


Colour: Natural/ Beige

Size: 22.5 x 17.5, circ. 21-24, oval

Crafted:  Russia/London 

Description: Crafted by Russian artisans using the ancient art of birch bark weaving. The straps and inside the bag are made from vintage handwoven linen.

You can use it as a vessel for storing any interior items as well.

Birch bark has been used in Russia for production of household items and accessories for centuries, the secrets this tradition have been passed down from one generation to another. It is well known that birch bark is rich in betulin (birch camphor) and its components contain healing qualities such as anti-stress action, antispasmodic, an analgesic with powerful anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-bacterial qualities.  

Thanks to the strength, flexibility, resistance to decay it stores very well herbs, nuts and dried berries, flour, cereals, spices, bay leaf and bread. Peasants tried to keep flour reserves in birchbark tuies, so that the flour would not be spoiled by the flour worm and bug. Honey, sunflower, hemp, flaxseed oil was poured into the tuesa.

All winter in the cellar in birch bark booth was stored without sugar berries-cloudberries. Tuies was also appreciated because water, milk or kvass remained in it for a long time cold, and hot water did not get cold for long.
This property of birch bark is explained by its structure. It consists of a multitude of very thin layers that do not allow moisture and air to pass through, and the top layer is covered with a white coating that reflects the sun's rays.
The device of the vessel resembles a thermos. It has external and internal walls, between which remains a small air insulation layer. On the inner side of the walls, a white chalk surface promotes the reflection of heat rays. The inner wall should be without a single crack: after all, it holds the liquid, so it was made from one piece,  where the bark was removed from the trunk by a "pipe".
At the outer wall, the task is different - to be beautiful and elegant. No wonder it is called a "shirt".
It was collected in a lock, or sewed from a flat piece of birch bark, providing protection to the inner sealed part.


This 100% handmade, natural, plant-based bag is a contemporary take on the traditional craft with a healthy twist. It is suitable for vegans.

One of a kind, unique item


Lana Siberie crafts one of a kind items from handmade, vintage and natural materials. Sustainability, Mindfulness and Wellness are the main principals that govern the realms of the brand's universe.

* The weaving irregularity and colour variations that may occur in some of these fabrics are intrinsic to the hand process by which they were woven and dyed.

Care: Due to the nature of the product, the best way to preserve and use is to gently wash your garment in cool water, use an eco washing machine, eco or natural detergent, and avoid any chemical products. Warning: don't iron the Lana Siberie label.