What Sustainability Has to Do with PR - A webinar with SABINNA


Nowadays the term PR is thrown around quite loosely but most people still don’t grasp the true importance of PR. First of all, it’s important to understand what PR is. PR stands for personal relations and is defined as a ‘strategic communication process.’ But what exactly does this mean and why should businesses, particularly sustainable ones, care about it?

PR is a way of gaining people’s attention without intruding. By engaging with your customers you can build a solid foundation of trust and credibility. If anything, PR can actually influence your company’s prospects more than traditional advertising.

PR is extremely important for small businesses. One bad review can really compromise any future profits that may be made so it is important that all press, be it big or small, is taken seriously. Doing so will ensure that your company’s image and reputation remains untarnished. 

On the 24th of July we will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Sabinna's Growing Together Series. SABINNA is a conscious lifestyle brand for women. They explore sustainability beyond the product, by making sure to be mindful about all aspects of their business. Their aim is to create ethical fashion without compromising on aesthetics. Above all they put the environment at the forefront of everything they do.

The webinar will focus on important topics surrounding sustainability, greenwashing, responsibility and accountability in journalism.This will be an open discussion for designers to talk about their experiences with the press, sustainability in the media and how to sell a sustainable product properly.

Join us for an inspiring and educational discussion led with Franziska Quendler, Head of PR at SABINNA and hear the experience from sustainable designer Kim Dave. Don't be afraid to ask us your questions too!

To sign up and get your tickets, see here

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