What Do the Latest COVID Restrictions Mean for Retail?

Image source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2237475-covid-19-news-infection-rate-in-england-rises-to-one-in-500-people/

In a bid to put measures in place and limit the risk of spread, the UK government have announced a new set of rules. But how does this affect retail and independent businesses?

As is to be expected, goals have been laid out to keep businesses operating under a new normal. The aim is to support hospitality and retail businesses enabling them to make profit during these hard times in hopes of avoiding a full lockdown, from which many businesses may not recover. 

Direct rules that affect retail include: 

  • Shop assistants must wear masks at all times, if they fail to do so they can face a fine of up to £200
  • Groups larger than 6 will be refused entry to any site

What are the positives? We can remain open! We are still able to promote stores and connect conscious consumers with fantastic independent designers. We are still running personal shopping appointments which have received a great response so far and really help push sales. Customers appreciate the care and attention they receive. Furthermore, we’ve had a good reception to our socially distanced events and where relevant our digital discussions too! We will continue to do what we can to engage our community. 

Will this work? What can we expect to see in coming months? Typically at this point of the year With kids going back to school and the weather starting to turn. Telling the difference between an innocent cough and coronavirus is going to be tricky and with the anxiety that now rides shotgun with anything health related, we must do what we can to ensure that shoppers feel comfortable coming out in public. We feel confident that there is a shared feeling among brands and customers that everyone is looking to carry on life as much as possible and support businesses to stay alive. 

Let’s get through this together. You can always find us in store, masked up and ready to make a sale! Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out - send an email to amanda@lonedesignclub.com

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