The New London Fashion Week - what can we expect?

Although we are very much in the midst of an accelerating digital age, it is important that we don’t forget the power of maintaining a physical presence. It’s safe to say that fashion shows may never be the same again but change can be an exciting thing. All we want to know is what’s going to stick around - will digital define the new age or in a few months will we expect the industry to revert back to in person events.


Fashion shows have always been a great opportunity to create interest amongst the public. Ultimately they help to increase awareness about new arrivals in design and style - they draw the public’s attention. As such, it would be a shame to eliminate completely which is why we’re not going to.


Word on the fashion street is that press, industry, buyers and shoppers are missing that one to one connection when it comes to what’s new - new brands, trends and news. A key factor in fashion is networking - without people being able to attend events in person, people are being forced to lose touch and miss opportunities to form new connections.


On the consumer side of things we’re definitely seeing an increase in the number of shoppers who want to browse and see and touch products before they want to buy. The industry is the same. 


As much as digital succeeds in making fashion week accessible it falls short in terms of creating physical connection. In recent fashion week events we’re still hearing that the new programme isn’t quite as desired as the good old days. 


This Fashion Week, LDC are fighting their way to stand out amongst the innovators of the fashion world - combining physical and digital, we will be setting up a series of online and offline brand presentations. Highlighting the sustainability, craftsmanship and care that goes into our designers’ creations. This helps designers generate that physical interaction, generate some incredible content, connect with previously unreachable press and consumers as well as having their chance to be involved in the official LFW action.


Are you a designer who’s shown at Fashion Week? What do you think - would you do it again? Or are you interested in showing for the first time? Let us help you bring your presentation to life and tap into a targeted audience of interested individuals. Want to learn more - never hesitate to get in touch!

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