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Taking Your Collections Digital with Visore

We knew that digitisation was going to radically change the fashion industry, but few could have anticipated how rapidly companies would be forced to adopt a digital-first mentality. In their recent joint publication titled The State of Fashion 2020: Coronavirus Update, McKinsey & Company and The Business of Fashion sent a clear message: the frontrunners of tomorrow will be those that are strengthening their digital capacities today. And as an entire industry struggles to rethink traditional practices, the digitisation of new collections is making its way onto brand agendas across the globe. 

Virtual showrooms and interactive lookbooks are making it possible for fashion houses to pivot from face-to-face appointments to digital connectivity between buyers and brands. And it does not end there. Curated digital content is set to become brands’ primary point of interaction with buyers, brand communities and the press alike. These next-level modes of engagement not only protect businesses from risk but can improve the customer experience and increase product discovery while generating valuable data and consumer insight. 

VISORE LAB, a Paris-based fashion tech company, recently unveiled its digital showroom, enabling brands to put collections onto the market and into the hands of buyers, influencers and consumers more quickly and efficiently. 

Through its digital showroom, VISORE is giving buyers and retailers exclusive, front-row access to new collections from both established and emerging brands. With no appointment necessary, no travel required and no waiting times, the goal is to accelerate engagement, content sharing and retailing between brands and their communities. 

Without strong in-person events, the fashion industry must adapt, and digital showrooms offer retailers around the world access to branded photos and video presentations of new collections and products while allowing for direct online orders 24/7. 


VISORE is a curator of interactive digital experiences. Consisting of an interactive magazine, an innovative experience tool and a digital showroom, we are reinforcing direct-to-consumer interactions. 

The goal of VISORE’s digital showroom is to help brands respond to consumers’ evolving needs while making retailing easier and smarter.

Blog Contributed by Vanessa Feiber 

Business Development Associate

If you would like more information from Vanessa and VISORE, let us know!

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