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Innovating Fashion Through Technology: The So Real Series

This October, we are pleased to announce our first ever Accelerator series in partnership with digital innovation agency: So Real
In the light of covid19, the restrictions that have been put in place and the inability to just fly half way across the world on a whim, the fashion industry has been thrown involuntarily in to a flux. Although digital was slowly seeping its influences into the world of fashion, the events of 2020 accelerated that partnership massively.
From Fashion Week becoming fully digital in June to virtual trade shows and show rooms, it is impossible to deny the benefits of digital and this progression towards the future. 
It is because of this and of our own interests in learning what's to come next, that we are thrilled to be hosting an informative breakdown of just what exactly this technology is and what it can do for you. Tech needn't be such an inaccessible or intimidating area any more. Small brands are finding relevant resources right at the tips of their fingers to help them become the trend makers and primary figures in the industry now.
Through our series with So Real you will learn what VR is and how to use it within your brand; how technology will innovate garment productions, supply chains and product sampling and finally an insight into how we should rethink fashion going forward.
So let us introduce you to the experts, So Real is a technology based agency focusing on producing cinematic-quality, game- / XR-ready 3D assets for use in games, films, and XR experiences. Using their scanning and conversion technology, they automate the production of digital twins of 3D objects. Their goal is about making the world smaller.

VR is the next best thing to fully immerse yourself in a new environment, without actually having to go there (and without the carbon footprint). Immersion leads to empathy. Empathy leads to understanding. Understanding leads to peace. (and commerce, of course.)

By mass-producing cinematic-quality, XR- & game-ready 3D objects, we enable global access to immersive experiences and thus accelerate the journey to global understanding.

To sign up to the classes, head to the links below.

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