How Video Games are Taking Over the Fashion World

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How Video Games are Taking Over the Fashion World

By Roberta De Martino, Arianna Cini

There is an increasing number of the individuals that at least once in their life have played video games and have personalised their favourite characters in a way they would have looked similar to them by editing their features like the make up or the outfits.

The possibilities to edit the character looks has actually always existed. Even a game which has nothing to do with fashion like GTA San Andreas, where you can customise the style of the main player or the garments. The Sims go even further and players can even create a character completely similar to them or to any real person.

If this weird universe at the beginning was well renown only for the so-called "nerds", today it is pushing itself towards an ever-wider target that uses this kind of technology. When social networks are not enough and they become "old", sometimes there is the need to discover something new or simply to rediscover something from the past.

How do we adapt ourselves to the fact that we can't meet someone in person? How do we cope with this new reality in which even a very simple habit, like going for a coffee with our favourite outfits and sneakers, is not allowed anymore?

The lockdown has led to the rediscovery of the virtual world and video games, which has always had an enormous power on the market, but lately it is embracing more and more people who need to create a world made of social media contacts and new habits that are similar to our “normal” daily behaviours, but in a virtual way.

Fashion brands and creative individuals are starting to understand the huge potential of video games.

In the last two years, Louis Vuitton created a collection for the game League of Legends, with some leather pieces for some of the characters, or for Animal Crossing New Horizons, which lately has become very popular. This last game allows the player to have luxury clothes from high brands like Off-White, Dior and Supreme through the use of QR codes. Something similar happened with The Sims: there is a virtual fashion week hold in the game and we can find catwalks with locations, installations, direction, models and photographers “participating” in it. The Sims 4 collaborated with the brand Moschino to create a capsule collection wearable by the players. Travis Scott did a concert on Fortnite (which recorded an increase in downloads just for the event and reunited 12 millions of players) and created a capsule collection dedicated to the event composed by t-shirts, sweaters and game accessories.

Could this be the new way of presenting fashion collections? There are a lot of different possibilities with the virtual games and a lot of fashion brands are working on this.

Emanuela Prandelli, LVMH Associate Professor of Fashion and Luxury Management says that "The key to the maisons is to approach their customers of tomorrow by speaking their language because the Z generation and Millenials will represent the 60% of the luxury market. Simplifying is the new way of building brand awareness: first there was traditional advertising, then influencers were added, today there is also gaming, at least for that segment of the population ".

The feelings that a real fashion show could give to the audience will always be unique and incredible, but, a world which drastically changes everything has to adapt to the needs of the consumers. Emanuela Prandelli actually confirmed that doing a fashion show on Fortnite won’t be a completely   absurd hypothesis. 

Our next glamorous outfit will be on a video game? Only time will tell. 


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