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How the retail and buying world is changing


The new year is coming, we all know there have been a lot of changes and we will have to be ready for more, even more so after the post covid situation. A sector which has suffered tremendous changes is certainly that of retail and buying.

For many of us buying in the physical store, trying on clothes, interacting with the clerk and purchasing was the normal route. Well, this normality is changing now. With the arrival of the internet, brands had to adapt to this new virtual reality and have created online stores, which have already eliminated some of these very simple actions.

Some prefer to buy directly sitting on their sofa at home; others, even worse, perhaps prefer to go to physical stores to try the products but then buy them online to save some money. Those who own a business with a physical store obviously began to suffer a lot for the economic side, and now with the post-covid situation some had to close.

But as we have already said before, every change responds to an adaptation, and many merchants have been approaching a new sales method for a few years now: one of these is drop shipping. Drop shipping is a sales model by which the vendor sells a product to the customer without actually owning it and without taking care of shipping it. So it is possible to sell products without physically owning a shop, but only with an online platform managed by the drop shipper, in which the products of the suppliers are displayed and will take care of the shipment when a customer buys them. One of the advantages of this new sales model is certainly the reduced costs, which are limited only to the management of e-commerce, while one of the disadvantages is for example the high competition.

But who is approaching this new reality? Those who want to start a new business and do not have many economic possibilities, or those who already own one, but after the covid had to close the physical store and have to continue their business.

They can adapt to this type of sale thanks to platforms such as E-bay , or lately Shopify, or creating their own e-commerce. But also large companies that now have to have e-commerce if they want to continue selling after this situation.

Selling online and therefore having less expenses does not mean that everything is simpler and everyone can do it: indeed, precisely because this type of reality is expanding and there is much more competition, we need to understand how to do things right.

Precisely for this reason, LDC will hold an online event on January 4 in which Nicole Higgings will give some tips on how to approach retail buyers and pitch your products.

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