Introducing Future Neutral, Offset your Carbon Footprint While you Shop.

By Aoife McAnulty, Digital Marketing & Press Intern

Lone Design Club are excited to announce our latest partnership. This month we have integrated Future Neutral into the LDC site in an aim create a more positive, carbon neutral future.

Research has shown that the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030. Now, we don't want to scare anyone but it is so important that we are aware of just how serious and pressing climate change really is. If we don't act now then we risk losing it all. More than one million species are at risk of extinction because of climate change. There will also be severe consequences for the human race too. Earlier this year, with the Australian bushfires, we saw just how detrimental extreme weather.

But it's not all doom and gloom. There are things we can do everyday to help. This is why we are partnering with Future Neutral.

Future Neutral was founded by brothers Oliver and Ben in 2019 who wanted to create something that could help to reduce the impact and severity of climate change. Future Neutral is one step towards achieving a brighter future.

The goal is ultimately to implement a simple call to action with far reaching consequences. Effective nudges can really help to make a difference to our future so that the next generation can thrive. Actions today ultimately lay the foundations for tomorrow’s vision, one where future generations don’t need to tackle meters of sea level rise, ultra extreme weather events, increased chances of pandemics, reduced habitable area and more. .

Each time you purchase from us, you can choose to add carbon offset credits at the checkout. This incredible option enables anyone on our site to be more environmentally conscious, and champions the message that so many of our independent brands strive for: creating a more sustainable fashion industry. The impact of this is huge! 

When you click to check out you will be presented with an option to add carbon offset to your purchase. The value charged will depend on the value of your purchase. 

Future Neutral uses Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) to offset your carbon footprint by supporting projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere. Through micro payments when you shop with Lone Design Club, we'll soon have a huge impact on the course of our planet. 

“Climate Change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

 - Leonardo Di Caprio, Actor & Environmentalist


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